McDonald Group Professional Placement

How We Work

mcd group specializes in placing top talent with our premier clients. Understanding how recruiting firms work can be a bit confusing so we thought it might be helpful to explain our process.

mcd group is a client-centric recruiting firm.  Being client-centric is simple:  we are retained by top employers, locally and nationally, to find candidates who are top-performers and not necessarily looking for a new opportunity...the hidden gems. 

A majority of our placements, our hidden gems, come from our unique ability to network with our web of contacts.  The best way to join this intricate web is to follow us on Facebook, twitter and LinkedIn

Believe it or not, sending us your resume to have us "help you look for a job" is not the best way to join our network.  At mcd group, we look for candidates who have initiative and drive, those that follow us on social media and use our time wisely by sending us referrals, responding to our social media, asking us recruiting-related questions or just calling to say "hello, how are you?  How can I help you?"  Do this and we will definitely keep you on the top of our lists!

Being client focused, we are unable to help individuals find a job unless the timing of your availability, your areas of expertise and the ideal position all coincide...then the magic happens.  Instead, think of mcd group as another tool in your toolbox.  And ask how you can be of assistance to us.  You need to be your own best recruiter and you need to develop a relationship with your recruiter.  This relationship works best when it's a two-way street.

The relationship between mcd group and our candidates is a long term career strategy relationship, one that will continue to grow over time.  Should an opportunity arise that does align with your areas of expertise, we will reach out to you to learn if a] your current situation is the same or changed and b] what are you now looking for in your next opportunity. 

What sets mcd group apart from other executive search firms is that we want to get to know you first, understand what makes you tick and learn what you are looking for in your next opportunity.  While we are listening to you, we will, quietly, review our open reqs in our mind and determine if one of our opportunities aligns with what we are hearing from you.

Again, this working relationship is a two way street:  you help us out...and we'll help you out.  Simple as that!

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